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Jordan Sook is a contemporary mixed media artist who works and resides in Toronto, Canada. Beginning his artistic career in 2015, he has since exhibited work  throughout Canada in various shows notably Union Station ,Toronto (2021),Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver (2020) and MacLaren Art Centre, Barrie (2017). His body of work ranges from acrylic paintings to sculptures and installations of recontextualized themes in pop-culture. Sook’s distinctive personal style emanates youth and playfulness through colour, line, and form. The work invites us to view the world from a subjective innocence, as we experience a recollection of joyfulness and optimism relating to human infancy.


Sook’s latest installation titled Harvest  (2021) was held at the Toronto Media Arts Centre. The work explores sustainable placemaking, representation, and the future of media arts and technology among the creative space. 


Jordan Sook is inspired by acts of imposition and alteration, recontextualizing  elements within pop-culture to create new narratives. Sook looks to change the landscape of Canadian art and broaden the framework and understanding of Black art as a whole.

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